Our Story

Dave’s brother Brian had a lawncare service in Rock Valley. Brian first started with M&H in Rock Valley, and then went on his own. Thanksgiving Day of 1998, Brian and Dave talked about Dave taking over the business so Brian could become a firefighter full time.

In the spring of 1999, Dave started with a pickup, a horse trailer and a lawn tractor. The garage turned into a storage area and in the evenings, Dave and his wife, Leanne, put together sprinkler heads and put tips in by hand for the next day’s job.

One reason Dave wanted to own his own business was so he could work with their boys. In 2003 Jason joined VHLS and in 2008 Kyle joined the family business. They started off with repairing and installing sprinkler systems and seeding lawns. The snow removal side came later, after Kyle started clearing snow using a tractor with no cab, from their home, then he oved to helping out neighbors and even his grandma. When more people would call to have their driveways cleared, snow removal became a part of the business.